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Thread: SnoScoot skis

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    Default SnoScoot skis

    Anybody know of a source for a replacement ski for these bad boys? My buddy has one with very beat up skis.

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    my boss is looking for the same thing and the only replacement that we have found is to use a set off of a mini z or a 120 cat cause yamaha doesnt offer any replacments
    If you build it.. it will come....... so here I am building waiting on it to come

    98 mountain srx
    700 triple
    aaen tripple pipes
    v-force 3 reeds
    600 cdi
    team rapid reaction roller secondary
    05 apex bars
    151x2x15 camo challenger
    stock suspension with hartman update kit, transfer kit and rail extensions
    porting and polish is next year got to get out and ride.

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    I may have a couple ski`s for sale if interested let me know

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    Thanks guys, but apparently my CHEAP buddy says they'll be fine with a little TLC, he was looking for the easy way out.

    Sorry to disturb you all.

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    I picked up a couple of plastic skis (Polaris?) at Hay Days new for $20 and a small alum plate on both sides of the spindal and they're cool. Be carefull putting carbide on these things I have 3 One a 120 (mine) and I put some 4-6" carbides on it and it will through your but off like right now!

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