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Thread: 84 phazer carb removal

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    Default 84 phazer carb removal

    Ok guys I need to rebuild my fuel pump, run some new lines and clean my carbs. Do you think I can get anything out of this engine compartment?!?! What a mess. Anyway can someone tell me what I am missing here.

    I first removed the secondary, then loosened the clamps on the airbox side of the carbs. I pulled the little access cover and removed the bolts holding the airbox in. Now the airbox is loose and I can wiggle it around a bit but won't come out. It appears there is an intake tube that is attached to the airbox and the steering column runs between the box and this tube. I can't believe I would have to tear the entire steering column apart just to clean the carbs and get to the fuel pump. Does this tube come out somehow? I now realize why people don't put airboxes back in these things Thanks in advance guys.

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    also undo the carbs from the intake manifolds ,pull them from them.(more wiggle room) now you should be able to remove it. it is still tight but you will get it out
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    Thanks ramblnman. I have the carbs loose from the intake boots and I also unbolted the intake boots from the motor thinking I could slide them up and out and well you know how far that went. Any clue about that part of the airbox the steering column goes through?

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    yes the air intake tube comes out. You need to turn the tube clockwise or counterclock wise (not sure which) to pull it out. The box should come out then.

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    Default airbox

    The end of the intake tube comes off, you'll see a little tab on the airbox.
    Easiest way I found was to take the tube off, remove the boot clamps then the boots (between carbs and airbox), and then wiggle the airbox out. Try pulling on the steering gate (above footrest) to get enough space for the metal thing on the airbox to clear.

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    Looks like I need to pull the oil tank to get my hands in there. Oh well, I want to replace all the lines anyway. Can't believe how difficult it is to get to the carbs on these things. Anyone ever relocate the fuel pump on these for easier access?

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    Thanks for all the help guys. I pulled the oil tank, pulled off the intake tube and was able to wedge the airbox out. WOW is that a tight fit. Now just a quick question on the oil lines from the pump to the intake boots, are they just regular fuel line or something else? Mine are kinda stiff and I don't want them to crack and burn down my motor. Might as well replace them now that I am in there. Thanks

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    Found my issue last night. The float pin on the mag side was halfway out. So the float could wander around where ever it wanted. How do I prevent this from happening again? Can I just use a tapered style pin like a round slide uses?

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