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Thread: Need Torque Specs for 94 VMAX 500 for the following

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    Default Need Torque Specs for 94 VMAX 500 for the following

    Chaincase cover bolts
    Driveshaft bearing speedo side cover bolts
    nut on the end of drive shaft that holds bearing on -speedo side
    Clutch bolt
    Lower gear bolt
    Upper gear bolt
    brake assembly bolts
    rear axel in suspension bolt on bogey wheel(where the tensioners are)


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    These are right from the Yamaha manual:

    Chaincase cover bolts 7.1 ft/lbs
    Drive Sprockets 31 ft/lbs
    Says: Brake Caliper Body 47 ft/lbs
    Driveshaft bearing speedo side cover boltsóJust make sure they are tight, no torque given
    Clutch boltsóSecondary 43 ft/lbs, Primary 87ft/lbs, take back out, retighten to 43ft/lbs
    No torque for rear tensioners, you set those are tight as you need to adjust track tension. The actual back axle at the outside of the axle each side gets 54 ft/lbs.

    Personally I think you are getting a little carried away wanting exact torque specs for everything, just make sure everything is tight, if you have any doubt, check them again after a short ride.

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    Forgot the speedometer, says speedometer gear 17ft/lbs.

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