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Thread: 2006 Yamaha Apex RTX Compression Gauge Adapter yu-33223-3

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    Unhappy 2006 Yamaha Apex RTX Compression Gauge Adapter yu-33223-3

    So, i was riding my 2006 Yamaha Apex RTX and the engine temp light came on. I was about 1 mile from a road, so i stayed in the powder (what i normaly do if and when this occasionaly happens) and the light didn't go out (normaly it does). On the way to the road, i hit the kill switch when going down hill to help keep the heat down. When I got to the road, I stopped the sled and called for a truck to bring the sled home. When the truck arrived (about an hour later) i started the sled, drove up a snow bank and into the truck without an issue. When i got home, i tried to start the sled and i had trouble getting it to start. The exaust had a grey smoke comming out. Once i got it to start it ran rough. (oil build up from the kill switch or Head gasket - head issues ???) I now have a headache, no pun intended.

    The next day, i looked into it, the track threw a pic thru my front heat exchanger (no big deal, i can fix that).

    I am now paranoid about the engine, so i stripped it down and removed the spark plugs (they are clean, only some usual carbon. whew) and i now want to do a compression test (just to be sure). I went to a local automotive store and rented a compression tester. I wasn't able to use it due to the fact that the thread size for the Yamaha apex is smaller than most spark plugs.

    My service and repar manual states that i need a Compression Gauge Adapter yu-33223-3. Does anyone know an inexpensive source for a Yamaha Compression Gauge Adapter yu-33223-3?


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    you may get more info on the 4 stroke side, but someone here might know! moved it to the tech questions section
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