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Thread: 83 enticer 340 long track mod

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    Default 83 enticer 340 long track mod

    I'm starting to get this project going, I am trying to get a 121 skid and track into my enticer 340 deluxe. So far I've found a ton of rear skids on ebay but I'm not sure which one to get, what to look for and what not.. Anyone on here have any advice for me?
    I'm going to be posting some pictures up from time to time so stay posted.

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    try to stay lightweight and 8" of travel should be plenty compared to 4". could always set your skid back farther to go from the 116" track they came with.
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    I'm thinkin a phazer II 121" would fit in there easily??
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    i did an 87 srv skid into an 83 enticer years back. "long tracked' it to 121, ha, ha. works great. put the track from my 94 vmax under it. sleds still in the stable and does get ridden occasionally.

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    currently in the middle of doing my exciter to a 133. already have the skid & track. skid almost fits but will need to extend tunnel some. not sure what it was out of, guy said it was a frankenstein sled, might be a polaris touring skid?

    i'll have to make sure the skids are easy to swap in/out for racing though.

    i'll post some pics & details if i start on it tomorrow.
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    The ET 340 used a 3.25 pitch track that was about 108"? long. They never came with a 116" track. The 116" and 121" tracks are a 2.52 pitch and take different drivers than the ET 340. To put a 121 in it you will need compatable drivers that are not easily found. The ET uses a square driveshaft for it's drivers and all the 121/116" Yamaha sleds used a hex shaft. The only 2.52" drivers I know of that were used on Yamaha ET squared driveshafts were the first year or two ET 250 and all long track (136") versions of the Enticer line. Both are scarce.

    Good Luck, opsled
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