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Thread: want to register and learn about my 1968 SL 350

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    Default want to register and learn about my 1968 SL 350

    I'm the proud new owner of a first-year 1968 SL350 Yamaha snowmobile. I has been in hiding in Saskatchewan and unknown of here in the United States.

    Is there a registry of these 1968 SL350 sleds?

    How can I find others that have one? I'd like to share photos and learn more about mine and it it is all original.

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    Default Sl-350

    Welcome to the site, I too have a SL-350 purchased in 1968 as a 1969 sled. Have a 1970 SS396 also. Can remember my mom taking us to school in the sleigh behind the sled. Many fond memories there.
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    No help here, but just complimenting you on your great find. A special piece of Yamaha snowmobile history.
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    I just sold my SL350 to Bob W. from Tonawanda NY and I know there is a registry make by Stephen Burdick from the New Hampshire museum.
    I still have a parts manual and a Service Man. for the SL350 as a reference.
    They could be used to make copies but I would not know how much to reproduce them.
    Good luck

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    Found a few pix of my SL. and could send at your pers. email.
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