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Thread: Older Snocross sleds

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    Quote Originally Posted by srv540
    Here is a picture of the Late Jim Wergin who took first ever snowcross eagle river 1983 on A SRV 540 !

    Ha! That was my first Sled!!! 1986 Yamaha SRV-540. I only paid $500 for it back in 1994 because it needed work and it ran like crap... well it ran like crap because of a dry-rotted carb boot! $20 later it was running like a champ! Then I needed to replace both shocks in the rear-skid.. That sled had the best weight tranfer for whatever reason! lots of memories on that olddie. I couldn't imagine Sno-Crossing that thing! Nope!
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    I wish there was snow in IRAQ because I am not looking forward to this summer... please!

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